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 Keto pancakes 

Grandma's cinnamon rolls 

Vegan soyrizo


When did food become so complicated?! And trendy!


The truth is that food is an intrinsic part of what makes us human.  In a world that's so focused on to do lists, we spend a surprisingly minimal amount of time thinking about and preparing what we put into our bodies. 

Whether it's deciphering nutrition labels, navigating the grocery aisles, or making sense of what works for your unique, bio-individual self, I can help you learn more about food's ability to be either a love language or a chemical code.  You get to choose!


I can help you:

  • determine the lifestyle that helps you to thrive

  • find the sweet spot between enjoying and benefiting

           from your food

  • prepare a weekly or monthly meal plan

  • make an allergen free birthday cake

  • understand the differences between labels,

             from grass fed and pastured to conventional and 

             cage free

  • find empowerment and joy through food!

My personal journey with chronic disease has led to countless hours of research, training, and certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

We will work together to navigate the world of food and wellness, finding

what works the best for you.  If you're interested in learning more, feel 

free to schedule a Real Food Conversation where we can connect over

coffee or by phone.





            "I met Elizabeth while she was teaching a yoga class I was attending. During practice she would tell the class to let go of any judgements about our bodies and focus on what we were feeling. Once I began using her services as a nutritional therapist, she encouraged that mindset even more. As a restrictive eater, she was able to open my mind to the possibility of enjoying food, making cooking and eating a practice of mindfulness, and showing me that food can be self care. Her knowledge on all things health and nutrients has been greatly appreciated and utilized, plus I get to spread the information to my friends and family now too! Elizabeth is open, caring, and hard working and will ensure that whatever experience you are looking to gain from her services, you will receive in full and then some!"

          - Sydney

Heading 1


the information on this website and presented in consultations and classes is not intended to be medical advice; it is meant to educate & empower. before making any lifestyle, diet, supplement, or medication changes you should consult a primary care provider you trust

elizabeth bertch does not diagnose or treat any medical issues, and the user of this site is ultimately responsible for how they choose to use the information presented and all outcomes of those choices.

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